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On the 24th of november 2022, I did my first performance ever! Because of the occasion of DISSECTION, a Q&A with Simon Delobel, organised by SUPPORT STUDIO in KIOSK (the exhibitionspace of KASK in Ghent).

This event took place in the exhibition of Lisa Vlaemminck, Morph Allure. With her gigantic snake of 60 meters, cutted in pieces on the floor earlier, I wanted to do the opposite by crochetting the PARADIGMA slowly together. Lisa's piece, Meat a Morphe Hose, was lying down on the ground, connecting her paintings in a difficult place like KIOSK. My piece, PARADIGMA was almost flying while I was til working on it during the conversation of SUPPORT STUDIO and Simon Delobel.Building a bridge between paintings was the intention why I started this work, but know it feels more like the visuality of building conversations during this repetitive movements I was doing.

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