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With my yellow blanket I lay in front of the heating. The heat created figures through the grid and while staring at the hexagons I could play with the depth perception until finally a dreamy nap slipped past the eyes.

Dreams occur during the rapid-eye-movement sleep. During this moment we see abstract shapes and patterns moving.The brain makes connections between different kinds of memories and we want to have a logical explanation of it, but the appearances become more and more absurd. We want to see recognizable figures, but we can't really see them. This confusing aspect of the dream, where the subconscious and conscious meet each other, is what I want to show in my paintings.

With acrylic paint I place layers against each other and on top of each other. It is a game of creation and destruction. Because this medium dries quickly, I can easily put many layers on top of each other, both thick and thin layers. With a direct action I place brushstrokes on a finely woven canvas. You can clearly see this compared to the slower actions that are used to obtain color shades in multiple layers. Intense colors are important to me because it affects our emotional side, often related to our unconscious side of personality.

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